Charcoal vs Gas: Which One is Better?



Charcoal vs Gas

The wait is over! Pitmaster X has finally released one of his long-awaited videos. I have been waiting to make this particular one for some time now, and it finally happened!

In this video, we are going to compare the flavors between a gas grill and charcoal because there is such an opinionated community on each side. I’m going to find out today if it really makes that much of a difference for those meat lovers out there who want their food cooked just right.

Today’s menu includes Ruby Gallaga steak, cheese & jalapeno sausages as well dry-aged burgers.

The guests are here, and I have to do the test

These guys have been friends of mine for a long time—we’re all really close-knit in this community.

Shamier is a master at grill creation and the science behind it. He knows his way around an open flame, not just spatulas or ovens either; he’s also been known to make fire dancing part of any occasion when needed.

On this side, we have our Instagram super monster Marcus who also runs a YouTube channel. His barbecue is great and you should check it out.

The barbecue experts at this place know their stuff, so we’re putting it to the test. Come eat some meat with us!

We are going to do a blind taste test and I really want you guys in on the experiment

So, while our Napoleon gas grill is waiting for us set up its burners—we have another task ahead of ourselves: firing up this CAT Pro grill.

So, now we’re going to do a little bit of cooking. Put some charcoal and fire starters on there so that you can start your grill up when it’s ready. In a few moments, our barbeque will be ready. The temperature of the charcoal is perfect for grilling when it’s time. With a high position on the grill, I will start with hamburgers. Let’s see if they can determine whether it is cooked on gas or charcoal and what kind of fuel was used to cook them.

This is something I think we can put on the side burner of our Napoleon rogue. We need to put the other one on our kettle pro. The dry-aged burger is one of my favorite things to eat. It has such a unique flavor that you can’t find anywhere else.

Charcoal vs Gas 2

The burgers are coming out of the grill and they look delicious. This is going to be a great tasting meal, I can’t wait. The charcoal burger is ready to be eaten, and it looks quite appetizing. 

We’ve had both our burgers over indirect heat to give them a nice, crusty exterior. But there’s something about the way they cooked that was different between these two patties. Charcoal and gas grills both have beautiful grill marks, but the charcoal grilling is more of red color, and gas grills produce brown tones.

We need to call in the guys, blindfold them and have them taste our burgers. Sit down with a flap of fabric between your eyes so you can’t see what’s going on around here. Try your burgers now. We are so excited to finally be able to show you our burgers. Both of them are looking delicious

Well, Marcus. You’re the one who has to go first. You guys have to taste and decide whether this burger was cooked on gas or charcoal.

Charcoal is made from many different kinds of wood, and each one produces a unique flavor

If you want to create something with more depth than just surface burnishment for your dish or event needs then it’s important that the right kind gets burnt-in order to provide interesting tastes. The first one we tried was much stronger and had a beef flavor.

The guests said right, there’s no doubt in their mind that the first one was charcoal. They were spot on and it made for an interesting story to tell at parties!

Let’s move on to the sausage

See if we can get a similar result with this one.

The first thing we need to do is put our sausage on the Napoleon Rogue grill. We’ll set it over indirect heat so that it’s not too hot, but still cooked all through with delicious flavor. We’ll use the same technique with our Napoleon CAT Pro to cook up some delicious sausages. 

I have a feeling that this will be one of the best sausages I’ve ever eaten. The cheese and jalapeno combination is incredibly rich, creamy but also spicy with just enough bite from its adorned spices – it’s amazing.

I can’t wait to eat these delicious sausages. They’ve been on the grill for a while now and they’re just about ready. Look at this beautiful charcoal sausage. It’s got some great detail on it, and the marcs are perfect for any occasion.

I’m so glad you could join me for this experiment. It’s going to be awesome, but first, let us blindfold you. While they’re blindfolded, I’m going to put the sausage in their mouth. They’re just going to taste this sausage and then afterward, I’m going give you the next one. And then it’s all up in your hands as far as deciding which kind of grilled on charcoal.

These grill masters should be able to determine which one of the sausages was from a gas griddle and which ones came off his charcoal chimney.

When they say “the first one,” it sounds like there can be no doubt that this sausage came from a gas grill.

They got it right! The difference between gas and charcoal is clear to them.

The temperature of the charcoal makes a difference. The higher it is, the better and juicier your meat will be!

Charcoal vs Gas 4

Charcoal is more complex. With a higher temperature, it has this nice cross on the outside that you don’t see with gas grills often enough!

Yeah, the one thing that really stood out to me and let me show you is when I cut it. Do you see this? I can cut through it like a hot knife through butter. It’s so easy. You see how hard it is to cut through the charcoal. 

The difference between charcoal and gas is clear when you compare the peel on a sausage. The peels are more developed. The difference is smallest when comparing the charcoal grill to gas. The higher position of our old one may have something to do with it, but overall they both look good.

Look at those juicy, tender Ruby Galaga steaks

They’re going to be so flavorful and delicious. Looking at these steaks, I can’t wait to taste the meat. It’s going to have an amazing flavor and texture because of its deep dark color.

Now let’s get those stakes on the grill and sear them off. When we reach a core temperature of 54 degrees Celsius, our steaks will be nicely cooked through. Now it’s time to slice them up. I’ll lightly season the pieces with finishing salt and then cut across both thicknesses.

Yeah, there you go. Just eat it and enjoy! Here comes another one.

The first one was cooked over charcoal, and it had a much stronger flavor. The second one came from the gas grill which took away some of those flavors you love about cooking with wood.

The first steak has a different flavor and the second one is more boring. Of course, both steaks are really good but there’s something about them that makes them less interesting.

I think I can totally agree when you say that the first take is usually better. Of course, both of them are delicious but my preference goes towards what was cooked earlier-the one with more complex flavors.

You can see a clear difference in the colors of these two items. Charcoal and gas grills both have their unique features. For instance, the one from a charcoal grill is red on the outside, while another is brown in color with a crispy texture that makes it different.  

With the charcoal, there’s a hint of difference that comes from being burned. The flavor is really good and you can taste how they are different from one another, especially with regards to sausage flavors which were close in both cases but seemed more intense when it came down to just gas versus charcoal.

The stake was really nice. They both had an attractive cross on the outside, and they were tasty too! The flavor of these markings is mouthwatering; I think you’ll enjoy them a lot. 

In the end, you can prepare your steak on both a gas and charcoal grill. But there is a slight difference between them in how they cook. I would recommend using charcoal for better results with minimizing waste since it will be more difficult to clean up afterward if done incorrectly.

Thank you for joining me in this video. It was a lot of fun and I hope that everyone who tuned in enjoyed themselves.

We hope you enjoyed our dinner show. We had a lot of fun with it and we’re looking forward to seeing your faces again soon. Thank you for coming, especially those who came out on YouTube – keep up the good work!

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