How to Choose the Perfect Outdoor Gas Griddle



Whether you need a griddle that’s going to last season after season or just want something good enough for your family Cookout Day, we’ve got what it takes. This guide walks through all of the important characteristics so finding one will be quick and easy!

Flat top griddle size 

Griddles come in many different sizes, with the most common being 17-inch and 22″. There are even ones for 28 or 36 inches.

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing a grill is its size. The right model will depend on how many people you plan to serve food, as well as if it’s portable or not.

Electric or Gas

Though the gas griddle is primarily what we’ll be discussing, you may want to consider an electric one if your cooking needs are more specific. Electric ones also come in different sizes and can handle both indoor and outdoor use.

The best type of flat top grill is an electric one because they don’t require seasonings or care. However, gas griddles must be cared for properly in order not to damage them. The sear and flavor of a gas griddle are unmatched, but these cooking devices also have an element of cleanup that makes them difficult for some people. Electric models are much easier to keep clean because there’s no need to light up any fuel sources. 

Griddles are a great way to cook food and they come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. The type of griddle you use is going to be based on your needs- from small outdoor models perfect for camping trips with friends or family members who want some barbeque action close by but don’t always bring their own cooker down into something bigger that can feed more than just yourself plus some extra guests if the need arises.

Combination Features 

The convenience of having an all-inclusive unit is one reason why more people are opting for this type. You can use it as a grill but also have the option to fry or sauté any food that’s placed on its griddle section. The list of features on the different models is extensive, with everything from air fryers and grills to deep-fryer or even side burners.

Grilling Accessories 

Grill accessories are designed to increase the functionality and ease of use of your outdoor cooking facility. From Connected Hard Cover, Soft Cover, or Cutting Board you’ll be able to protect yourself from the rain while still being able open up for easy cleaning! A Side Shelf provides storage space on one side but can easily slide out when needed without taking away valuable countertop real estate – perfect if there’s more food than hands available at any given time (wink). Garbage Bag Holder allows people who really enjoy having clean dishes after every meal to take advantage by storing them upside down so less suspected soil gets into bottom drawers where it belongs. You can find a grill accessory for just about any need!

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