Choosing Your Best Smoker



Choosing Your Best Smoker

Let’s talk about the smoker you’ve probably been dreaming of. There are dozens of types and hundreds to choose from. Let’s take a look at some smokers that may be perfect for you here.

When deciding on a smoker, it’s important to take into consideration what kind of experience and goals you have. The more people who will be using the device at home with your guidance (a family or group), means that there is an even higher expectation for quality in return from both foods cooked inside as well as smoke output outside.

  • Amateur: You want a smoker that’s affordable and easy to operate, with the option of cooking at high speeds. You also need one which doesn’t take up too much space because we all know they’re not exactly happy when there’s no place left. To find the best barbecue, you need to think about your cooking style and what will work for it. You may choose between: a water smoker; a kettle-style charcoal grill or another grill with a tall lid; an upright barrel smoker: and a ceramic cooker.
  • An enthusiast who wants to explore the world of smoking. If you’re looking to take your grilling experience up a notch on the smoker side then look no further than our selection below: you may check a front-loading charcoal grill or a kettle grill; a ceramic cooker; a wood-burning grill; or an offset smoker with a firebox and a grate. 
  • Results- and convenience-oriented smoker: You love smoked and barbecued foods, but you want the push-button convenience of a gas grill. Consider electric or gas smokers or pellet grills for flexibility in your cooking needs; they’re all great options.
  • Process-oriented: Smokers are usually very involved in the process of smoking. They enjoy building and maintaining a fire, adjusting their vents to achieve just the right temperature. A water smoker or an offset smoker would be perfect for you if that sounds like something your mouth could get excited about.
  • Smoked food lover: You can’t get enough of that smokey flavor. You would be happy with any of the following: an offset smoker, water smoking or even building your own smokehouse.
  • Commercial or competition barbecuer: You can’t beat the satisfaction of cooking great food for your friends and family. Competition BBQ fans will love competing against other people who also enjoy grilling up some delicious meats! If you often cook outdoors, look no further than an offset smoker or carousel-style commercial barbecue unit – they make it easy to stay in control.
  • Condo-bound or apartment smoker: Smoked food may be your go-to when you can’t have outdoor grill time, but did you know that there are other ways to get the flavors without having an outdoor space? A stovetop smoker or handheld smoker will let the smoke out into whatever vessel it is placed in.

Types of Smokers

types of smokers

Smokers Anatomy 

Smokers come in all shapes and sizes, from the simple 55-gallon drum smoker you can drag around on your own to a high-tech Enviro-Pak that literally drives itself. Some burn wood or charcoal; others run on propane gas but no matter what they have one thing in common: They’re always able to produce delicious food for any event with their signature touch.

The construction of smokers is rather simple, but there are many different parts that make up the whole. If you understand how each part functions then it will be easy for your skills to pick up speed.

The firebox at the bottom of your smoker cooks food by burning wood or other substances to generate smoke. The chimney draws this delicious aroma up through a maze-like system that evacuates it outside where you can enjoy all those wonderful smells.

The firebox and chimney are where you’ll find the smoke chamber, which houses all of that hot air, and a heat diffuser. The smoke chamber is where the food smokes and often cooks at the same time. The size of your grill will determine whether it’s located adjacent to the firebox or directly above it, but either way, you’ll want this area well-ventilated. (Handheld smokers are a convenience for those who want to smoke outside. You use another container, such as the bar shaker or plastic wrap-covered bowl of your kitchen setup in order to serve as an enclosure where you can pack all that goodness away from view until ready!) You can find a greasy plug on one end of the smokehouse where you dump all your fat and drippings.

The heat diffuser is a unique design that allows food to cook without being directly exposed. The smoke from wood fires cooks foods at lower temperatures than if they were cooked in an open flame, which maintains more of their original flavor and nutrients. The water smoker is a great solution for those who want to cook with smoke, but don’t have the space. The shallow pan of liquid sits between your fire and smoke box so you can use it without sacrificing any heat or humidity from above. The ceramic cooker has a special plate that sits between the embers and your food to make sure it cooks evenly. The offset smoker is a classic for good reason. The design features an aluminum or steel plate that slides under the cooking rack, often with perforations to allow smoke and moisture into your food as it cooks.


The vents on a smoker are small but they play an important role in the performance of your grill. The intake vent on your smoker is important because it allows air to enter and distribute heat throughout the smoke chamber. The chimney, located at one end of this same space where food will eventually emerge from cooked with a certain amount of precision as well. The vents on a smoker are important to control the airflow and thus, heat. Some rotary disk types of them spin around while others slide out from their slots with metal panels that have been placed tightly against one another at different angles in order for you to be able to regulate how much air will enter your cooker when needed most.

Remember two simple formulas: 

  • Lower heat is equal to reduced airflow.
  • Higher heat is equal to greater airflow. 

The vents are the key to regulating airflow and controlling heat.

Heating the food in electric smokers is done through an element that’s powered by electricity. A thermostat regulates this temperature, ensuring it remains consistent throughout the cooking process so your meats don’t dry out or burn up. Some of the best features about gas smokers are their thermostats, which allow you to easily control heat levels. Just set your desired temperature and let this device do all work for you.

Remember simple rules while working with a pellet grill:

  • Less smoke is given by a higher heat.
  • More smoke can be achieved with lower heat.

That is a great point and you should all take it into consideration when buying a grill!

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