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Dry Aged Brisket

Thank you so much to Burnhard Grills for sponsoring this issue. I’m really looking forward to cooking with their dry-aged brisket and can’t wait until we get started!

There is nothing more satisfying than the taste of a perfectly cooked piece, and I am going to make sure that today’s my day. Today is a special day because I will be cooking my beautiful brisket. It’s been in the smoker for quite some time now and it smells incredible.

I can’t wait to get my hands on that delicious beef. The brisket has been in the dry aging cabinet for a few months, so let’s go check it out. After butchering a cow last month, it became clear that the meat would be best suited for dry-aged cooking.  I ended up getting this big piece which turned out great: rich flavors mixed together perfectly well done outside while still pink inside. And as you can see, it’s hanging right there. And since the 25th of May, this cut of meat has been doing really well.

Man, this is some heavy beef – about 10 kilograms for sure.  Whoa. It looks like we’re about to make some serious meat here people, so get your knives out, and let’s go!

Dry Aged Brisket

When I’m done, you’ll have a delicious-looking piece of meat with just the right amount on it.

I’ll start by taking off all those pesky bones and then trimming away any extra bits that might be slowing down your dinner plans. I’ve found that the best use for my excess fat is when I make beef jello. The soup and stew are also still possible, but it will take a little longer since there’s less meat in each dish than before.

But for now, all the hard work is in putting meat on my knife. So I have to be careful with how much pressure and directionality comes from working it between bones as well as keeping an eye on not ruining what’s already there by making too many cuts that could potentially reduce its quality even more than before- which would make no sense at this point since we’re just trying our best here.

Once I got the bones off, it’s time to start shaving this piece up. My plan is to cut some edges and clean each side before trimming all of that fat with my trusty blade. The meat is actually exposed. And since there’s already so much intermuscular fat from this beautiful black cow, I don’t really need that fat on top of it, like some kind of greasy layer protecting its modesty.

The beef rib is a beautiful and fatty piece of meat. I decided to leave it as part of my pack, so you can see all the incredible detail that went into making this cutting perfect for smoking. The meat has an insane amount of intramuscular fats, so it doesn’t belong on the brisket. To make sure you get all those tasty flavors without any extra fat this time around – just trim off any sections containing bones or skin before cooking for best results (you can also use our easy guidelines).

Seasoning the meat

The whole piece with all that intramuscular fat and beautiful meat sitting on top is a sight to see – but we’re going cut back some slack in order for you, the cookery enthusiast! All this tasty goodness will be put on display when our brisket gets its just due respect. That means only salt or pepper at first. That’s why I get excited about stuff like the little things starting to matter when you perfect your craft. Like smoking a whole brisket and finding out that white Pania pepper is absolutely delicious – it really puts everything into perspective for me.

Dry Aged Brisket 2

The beauty of this brisket is that we did all the work for you. Dry aging was a big job, but now it’s ready! And what better way than by adding some great spices like salt and pepper? 

The moment I’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. With just a little bit of smoke, and the temperature inside my smoker will be perfect I’m going to fire up the Burnhard smoker, and then once it’s nicely heated up I’ll place the meat inside.

Before I start cooking, it’s important that my barbecue is at peak performance. That means checking the hopper for pellets and making sure there are enough left over to get us through a few cooks before we have too many runs on our cookers. I like doing this check because then you’ll know exactly what kind of food will be coming out when all those delicious smells begin filling up your home while they’re waiting their turn in line with just one more fire-up needed from me.

The first thing I do when it’s time to cook is loaded up my smoker with a fresh batch of pellets. This will give me enough fuel for around eight or twelve hours depending on how big the brisket is that day and what else might be going into its oven alongside it. So this should be more than enough. 

The next step is to turn on the Burnhard smoker and set it at a temperature of 135 degrees Celsius and close the lid.

The beautiful piece of meat is now at my disposal. I’m going to take advantage and make this NFT worth all those hours spent huddled over a heating element, patiently awaiting its turn in line. I bet you this would be worth a million. The BBQ’s heating up and I’m so excited to try out this new thermometer! It goes right into the thickest part of my meat, which should make for an accurate reading. Once it heats up enough inside that little box there will be no more guessing about how rare or well-done your cooked meats are.

Smoking the meat

The smoke from my brisket is starting to turn a delicious mahogany color. It’s been smoking for three and half hours, but there are still plenty more flavors left in the meat that need exposure before they can shine through fully. Now I don’t need any more smoke color on this brisket. It looks absolutely delicious. It’s starting to look tender with some nice fat deposits throughout while still holding onto its original shape which I love seeing as it means this brisket will be delicious when ready!

Dry Aged Brisket 3

Now I want it to cook. And since we’re already three and a half hours in, my expectation is that the brisket will be done after another 3-4 more hours of cooking time. When you’re ready to make your dish extra tasty, use some butcher’s paper and pack it tight. First, wrap the sides with a few sheets of this flat cold-roll material. Then take another layer on top in order for there to be more depth when we press down hard during the cooking process.

With a well-designed wrap, the meat is now going back into the smoker. The temperature will remain at 160 degrees Celsius for an additional hour before being checked again to make sure that it has not reached outer limits of acceptability without burning up too quickly or undercooking despite being wrapped properly according to this recipe’s instructions which were followed precisely. A successful wrapping can really protect your food from getting damaged while it cooks; giving you peace in knowing where every ingredient went during its time on the heat source.

160 degrees Celsius is going to be perfect for our brisket, but if you have a leaner cut like me then don’t crank it up too high. Just 120 should do just fine.

My brisket is done! I can’t wait to take this amazing, fatty piece of meat off and let it rest. It’s been providing me with all sorts of tasty treats these last few days so now that its time has come.

The meat is now cool to the touch, and you can see that it’s been smoking. The color has turned from red into more of a dark brown with some black pieces in there too. The smell is mouthwatering as well. My priority is to cut it in half and take a look inside. The waterfalls of meat juice are wonderful but don’t go chasing them or you’ll end up with an unfortunate outcome. The waterfalls of meat juice are a sight to see! Who would have thought that such delicate things could be so delicious? The smoke from my smoker creates the perfect environment for these tender cuts, turning them into an incredible meal in seconds. They’re juicy and soft with just enough spice around every bite.

Dry Aged Brisket 4

When I’m looking for the perfect brisket, it has to have just enough salt and pepper with a hint of smoke. The best way to know if your meat is good enough? eating! This thing has been through some tough times and it still tastes great! You can cook anything here without worrying about what goes where because everything belongs in the dish.

We all know that the best thing about BBQ is eating your creation, and this dry-aged brisket looks like art. It tastes even better than it looks. Hope you guys loved the recipe. So keep on grilling!

Dry Aged Brisket 5

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