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To those who enjoy the smell of wood smoke and burning embers in their living room, an electric smoker is not for them. This device is for people who want to use the same recipe over and over without having too much work on their hands.

The ease of push-button ignition and thermostatic temperature control makes this heater a favorite for many people. You can adjust the frequency at which it launches smoke, ensuring you get off just enough every time. Sophisticated models provide the smoker with an array of settings to experiment on. With this type, you can program your preferred temperature and length for smoke sessions as well as monitor what’s going on inside without having any worries.

  • One of the great things about this cooker is how convenient and consistent it can be.
  • The electric smoker is a great option for those who want to maintain low temperatures and do not have the time or patience needed when using other types of smokers.


  • The smoker needs to be plugged in with an electrical outlet nearby.
  • The limited airflow inside a smoker will hardly create the bark that forms on smoked food.
  • There are a few models that can accommodate brisket or a full rack of ribs, but most won’t. You may need to cut these items in half for the smoker’s portability and storage capabilities.
  • The grill is not for those who want to play with fire.


  • Use the smoker’s hooks to slow-cook your food vertically. This way, you can cook them at a lower temperature and they’ll take more time than if smoked horizontally.
  • There are many different styles of smokers out there, but an electric smoker is one way to go. They’re great for smoking bacon or jerky at low temperatures.

How the electric smoker work:
Assemble the smoker
Begin to assemble the smoker by mounting your controller on the side of one smoking chamber. You can set the temperature, cooking time, and smoking duration with this useful tool.
Insert the sawdust disks
Make sure you insert the sawdust disks (bisquettes) in your hopper before operating it.
As the sawdust disks
The sawdust disks move through the smoker mechanism, where they’re burned on a heated plate before being disposed of in the water.
Adjust the top vent
The top vent is used to control the smoke in the cocker.

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