Category: Types of Smokers

  • Additional Smoking Essentials

    Additional Smoking Essentials

    The best way to make sure you have a great smoke at any time is with these pieces of equipment. They include smoke generators, grill inserts, smoker boxes, etc. You’ll also need thermometers for checking the temperature of your grill or smoker before putting on food. With all these great smoking essentials, you’ll never want…

  • Handheld Smokers

    Handheld Smokers

    Handheld smokers are the new trend in barbecuing. They make it possible for you to smoke food without having any special equipment, which means that this tool will take your culinary creations from good enough (in terms of taste) to awesome.

  • Stovetop Smokers

    Stovetop Smokers

    Smoking is a time-honored tradition, but it can be tricky to find the perfect smoking process for your needs.

  • Wood-Burning Grills

    Wood-Burning Grills

    Wood grilling is an excellent way to cook with smoke. The flavors are lighter, cleaner, and more subtle than they would be on traditional smokers but you still get that signature smoker taste in your food.

  • Electric Smokers

    Electric Smokers

    To those who enjoy the smell of wood smoke and burning embers in their living room, an electric smoker is not for them. This device is for people who want to use the same recipe over and over without having too much work on their hands.