Handheld Smokers



Handheld Smokers

Handheld smokers are the new trend in barbecuing. They make it possible for you to smoke food without having any special equipment, which means that this tool will take your culinary creations from good enough (in terms of taste) to awesome.

Smoke has been used as a form of creative expression for centuries. From the Dragon’s Breath cocktail to restaurant dishes arriving in smoke under glass pots, this cool tool will make your next event or party more interesting than ever.
The two models of this smoker are similar in function, with one being more pistol-shaped and another resembling a bong. They both use burners to deliver fragrant wood smoke into your food or drink via rubber tubes for consistent flavor every time.


  • This unit is the perfect solution for those who are on the go. It’s lightweight and can deliver the smoke anywhere.
  • The flexible rubber tube allows you to direct smoke anywhere, even into spaces that may be difficult for a traditional smoker – whiskey bottles or a mayonnaise jar.
  • The smoke from this machine doesn’t heat or cook the food, so you can quickly get a delicious flavor with no loss of quality.


  • This smoker is the perfect size for small-portion dishes like cocktails and soups. It’s not appropriate, however, to use this cooking utensil when preparing large cuts of meat or fish.


  • When smoking, use an easily visible glass bowl or bottle so you can monitor the amount of smoke inside.
  • Here’s how to smoke whiskey: first, empty half of the bottle and insert a tube. Seal it up with some plastic and swirl it around until the smoke is tired. The smoked mayonnaise is done the same way.
  • The first thing you should do is load up your burn chamber with hardwood sawdust. Then, switch on the blower and hold a match or lighter near it so that there’s smoke coming out, and then direct it to your food item.
  • To smoke food, have the ingredients you want ready and covered with plastic wrap. Leave one edge open so that your smoker tube will fit through easily. Fill the bowl with smoke then switch on the blower fan to fill your container up. In order for the smoke to infuse food or drink, wait for 5 minutes. Make sure you mix well if working with a liquid ingredient. Keep tasting and repeating until you reach the desired level of smoke flavor.

How do handheld smokers work:

Load the smoke chamber with sawdust.
Fill the smoke chamber with sawdust to get that authentic feel.
Light the sawdust.
The sawdust is lit.
Switch on the fan motor
When the fan is turned on, it propels smoke through a rubber tube.
Insert the smoking tube
A smoking tube should be placed in the pitcher or a bowl, covered with plastic wrap. In order to get the most out of your smoke, it is important that you let it infuse the cocktail for 3-4 minutes. Afterward, repeat as necessary with another stir, and then enjoy!

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