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  • Grilled Eggs with Prosciutto and Parmesan: Indirrect Grilling

    The most basic and satisfying meal, grilled eggs are a staple in many diets. They can be made with just about any ingredients that you happen to have on hand—cheddar cheese for example replaces the latter two strokes of parmesan & reggiano while Japanese panko provides anVs rich flavor when used instead 450 gms thickly…

  • Breakfast “Burgers”: Smoke Roasting

    Breakfast “Burgers”: Smoke Roasting

    The article is about how to make the best breakfastburger ever! It starts with ground beef and cheese, but if you want something different than just an ordinary patty for your plate then this recipe will show it’s possibilities. By smoking these sausages on high heat as describe below they stay moist while still being…

  • Bacon and Egg Quesadilla: Dirrect Grilling

    Bacon and Egg Quesadilla: Dirrect Grilling

    You know that feeling when you eat a quesadilla for lunch and it tastes so good, but all too quickly? That’s about to change. I just found out how easy these little sandwiches can be made in bulk! All of your favorite ingredients (cheddar cheese!), cooked right alongside each other inside one crispy tortilla –…

  • Grilled Bacon: Direct or indirect grilling

    Grilled Bacon: Direct or indirect grilling

    Grilling bacon is easy if you have the right equipment. You need plenty of open grate space and some strategically placed coals or wood chips to avoid flare-ups on your charcoal grill, so make sure there’s room in between for these items as well.

  • Candied Bacon: Indirect grilling

    Candied Bacon: Indirect grilling

    There are two ways to grill bacon: by direct grilling or indirect grilling. The former gives you more sear and better grill marks, and it’s faster, but you greatly increase the risk of flare-ups. Indirect grilling eliminates the risk of flareups, but it takes longer, and it, well, deprives you of the adrenaline rush of…