The Ultimate Guide: Cooking a Steak



The Ultimate Guide: Cooking a Steak

With the help of my sponsor, Kamado Joe has made it possible for me to cook today’s recipe-the perfect Porterhouse Steak. You are about to unleash the power of this steak today. The meat from this cut will reach an incredibly tender texture with just enough chewiness that will make your mouth water!

I am always up for a new challenge, which is why I love working in this industry. When we can take meat and do things with it that have never been done before – well let’s just say there are no limits.

But what makes the perfect Porthouse steak? There are two parts to this delicious dish, and knowing how they should be cooked can get tricky. The steak consists of two parts – a New York Strip and Loin. The NY strip needs to be cooked medium-rare while the loin should receive more attention with its temperature being raised slightly so that it’s still tender but has some life left in there before you enjoy your dinner.

The Ultimate Guide: Cooking a Steak

That’s a problem because I order the same thing every time and it never satisfies me. The filet (or the tenderloin) is always overcooked and the New York strip (or the strip loin) never fails to make my mouth water. I’m not about to compromise my perfect steak, so I cook it myself.

Well, you got two chefs here who have been cooking steaks for years. Chef Eric Ghar is a talented chef and he is here to show you how to solve the problem with steak quality.

  1. The first step in preparing this steak is to cut down it and separate the New York strip from the bone, which can be done easily with a chef’s knife or saw if you’re feeling confident. I will ensure the meat is well scored, creating as much service for my guest. And this is the perfect time for me to add some spices and flavors to my steak. I want it as a juicy, savory, satisfying meal. With just a couple of additions, the flavors in this dish are about to get really exciting. I’m going to add fresh spices and herbs that will give it an unforgettable taste. First up is some garlic clove; after that, there are Sage leaves for depth without being overwhelming on top either way (and who doesn’t love garlic?). Then we have rosemary which goes well with both sweetness as well salty-savory tastes – perfectly balancing out every bite while still remaining enjoyable at any time or place imaginable, and a couple of twigs of thyme. Then mix all the ingredients.
  2. The next step is to rub the marinated meat along its entire surface, ensuring that every inch of it has been thoroughly soaked in flavors from herbs and spices.
  3. Next, we’ll roll up the meat while giving it some more spice. We’re going to make scored incisions along its length so that when you grab onto one end of your freshly-cooked slice with both hands there is less chance for strain or tearing

The grill is now stabilized at 450 degrees

Let me show you the setup we’re having today. We have our Scottsburg cast iron that’s come up to temperature, so I’ve set it over direct heat for now. Well, now I’ve got a semi-indirect grill here. If you want to graduate over and cool things down just a little bit more than what we were doing before then let’s do it. To get that sear on the meat, we come back over to direct heat. On the same grill, you can have two different heat signatures.

We’re going to put a little olive oil on the bottom of this beautiful cast iron pan and notice we are at a smoking temperature right off the bat. Now is when you should get that great sear, with an awesome crust formed from all sides. We’re going to let that sit for about a minute and then we’ll begin rotating it.

The Ultimate Guide: Cooking a Steak 2

We can already tell that the caramelization is going to be perfect. It’s really turning out great, and I think it’ll taste even better after a few more minutes of cooking on this side. Now we should start rotating the food over so it can be cooked on both sides evenly. With the heat turned up too high, we’ll just get those bottom nice and seared. Then as you continue rotating all around it will be really crisp on top with an almost burnt taste in your mouth.

The beautiful, caramelization that marrow’s going to start coming out and rendering. And this pan is excellent because it provides an even searing surface for our food. The pan’s ability to retain heat is a good thing. We don’t have to worry about it spilling or flaring up on us because of its capability in holding the heat for longer periods.

The New York Strip Side Cooking

Now that we’ve flipped it onto the New York strip side, I want you to close this dome and allow for a more uniform cooking process. This will be best served with our desired temperature. The dome’s radiant heat will bring the temperature of everything to a refined, warm medium. We also want our filet and strip steaks cooked perfectly at this time so they’re ready for your dining experience.

You know, we’ve been going for a few minutes now and I’m really enjoying that caramelization process. It’s giving us an opportunity to explore some other flavors in the dish. With a little more oil, we can go ahead and season and sear the face of this steak. This will help bring out its flavor as well as create an attractive appearance on your plate that is sure not to disappoint.

It’s so beautiful. I can see why they’re calling it a “caramelization.” The color is incredible, and there are little hints of gold too! It doesn’t seem like we’ll need any more salt or pepper for this dish either – just keep watching as the seasons change on our grill with convection heat from below while still getting some sear from over here near flames hot enough to turn up even further before final cooking time has passed. 

The meat is being tenderized by this process, which occurs when amino acids uncoil and react with sugars. Proteins turn into delicious flavors you’ll love. And we’re going to keep this side of the roast at a consistent temperature, for now, so let’s just slide it back over here. And with your help, I will be able to pick up some more heat and finish roasting that perfect steak. 

The recipe for this delicious Alabama white sauce comes from Morrison and it involves a lot of mayonnaise, and vinegar with an interesting ingredient list. I can’t wait to try them all. I just put in a little bit of garlic powder, lemon juice, and horseradish to make my steak taste better. When I marinate the meat with this mixture on top for an hour or so before cooking it helps spice things up while also enhancing its flavor. Maybe this is the magic because if you put a little bit of butter on steak and mix in Worcestershire sauce, then add Lane’s bbq combo. Yeah! It tastes fantastic!

The Ultimate Guide: Cooking a Steak 3

That’s right. It isn’t only good, it’s more than that – and the sauce alone is pretty fantastic! That means this combination will be an unstoppable force when paired with your favorite steak dinner recipe (we seasoned up our steak). So give them both a try at home for yourself to see how amazing they are together…there you go!

Right now, we’re at an internal temperature of about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. We want the strip to raise up to 120 in order for it to be fully cooked by our oven’s standards. Make sure you check both sides of the meat (fillet and strip side) to make sure it’s cooked through. Monitoring the roast, we need to make sure that it is getting hot enough heat. So rotating our roasts so both muscle groups have an opportunity for exposure and comparison of temperature will help us achieve this goal.

The smell of smoke and fire fills the air as I pull a firm caramelized brown sugar-crusted meat off my grill. Its juices run down its crispy surface. Let’s put this bad boy off the grill so I could start resting.

The Ultimate Guide: Cooking a Steak 4

The Alabama white sauce is streaming down the steak, and I can’t help but eat everything in sight. The flavor of home-roasted herbs fills my mouth as each bite brings more goodness to explore this delicious piece of meat. The tenderness feels like nothing else; it’s absolute heaven when you’re hungry.

We hope you enjoy the recipe and if so let us know! We would also appreciate a couple of thumbs down as well. Happy grilling from your friends. See ya later guys next time around! Cheers!

The Ultimate Guide: Cooking a Steak 5

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