Using the Tabletop Steak Cooker



Hey guys, I wanted to show you how the caveman grill works. I have right here next to my gourmet-style stainless steel gas burner grill and smoker combo oven as well which can also be used on its own without fuel (if needed).

The best part? It only takes about 5 minutes from start t finish once everything’s set up – not including time lost while waiting around or doing dishes after using.

The three to five-minute rule is a great way to know when your steak or chicken breast has been cooked just right. Using less propane and also having an outdoor grill that doesn’t get hot enough, I find myself turning towards this new solution – keeping my tabletop one next door so it can cover both at once!

Using the Tabletop Steak Cooker 1

You can hear and see that the leaf is already starting to drop. It’s such a beautiful thing, I bet you never thought about leaving this way before!

It sounds like we’re in for another nice day here so leave your porch tree just how nature intended – outside without worrying if it’ll get wet or damaged from any harsh weather conditions; all while still getting some natural shelter from storms when needed with this little guy by our doorstep (or main entrance)

Using the Tabletop Steak Cooker


The seared steak is looking really nice. I use the highest setting because again, my preference goes to rare meat so that all of those delicious flavors can come through fully without having any spices or sauces mask them away like some people do when they cook at home but prefer their food on the opposite side still cooked thoroughly enough where you don’t get anymore blood-flow from your preferred mode before eating it – which also makes for nausea causing Experience if done too much as well! But anyway…the faster this whole thing cooks up in general works better

Using the Tabletop Steak Cooker 3

Look at that. That is to me. Pretty perfect.

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