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water smokers

The water smoker is a high-performing, affordable machine that can be used in tight spaces.

The water smoker has an Identical shape to R2-D2, the famous Star Wars robot. It features a bowl-shaped metal firebox on the legs at the bottom that acts as a heat source for smoke generation and distribution through pipes within its body. The access door sits on top, it is used for adding wood and charcoal when needed. The large metal water bowl is placed in between the fire at the bottom and the smoke chamber. The water bowl sits lower to one or more wire racks, which hold the food, and has a dome-shaped lid that retains heat and smoke.


  • The defining feature that sets it apart from other models, like its water pan which ensures food stays moist even after 12 hours of smoking time has passed – will make you want to try out this excellent product.
  • The three-part construction of this smoker means that you can add charcoal and wood to the fire, and get at your meat while it’s cooking without having too much trouble with accessibility or cleaning.
  • It features the unique design of an insulated chamber which almost guarantees you’ll be able to maintain 225°-275 °F throughout your cook time.
  • Smokers are the perfect portable solution for any occasion! They’re small and lightweight, making them easy to move from place to place. Most models weigh less than 50 pounds which means they can easily be transported anywhere you need some good food cooked quickly.
  • The durability and popularity of water smokers are due in part to their simplicity. With few moving parts, they’re highly reliable compared with other types of BBQ equipment.


  • The cooking area is limited compared to offset smokers, but some models double up on the space with upper and lower racks.
  • With its thin-gauge steel construction, it’s difficult to maintain the cooking temperature in wet, windy, or cold weather.
  • The smoker works best when paired with pellets, chunks, or cards that can be soaked in water before using them on your grill. For those who want to smoke their meat the old-fashioned way, an offset smoker will be the best bet.


  • It’s a good idea to line the water bowl with heavy-duty aluminum foil so you can quickly clean up any spills.
  • Keep a close eye on your fire. Make sure to replenish the charcoal and wood chips every hour or so, but if you use lumps rather than briquettes there will be an even greater need for attention since it takes longer before they’re ready enough to heat up properly. If you’re using briquettes, light them in a chimney starter and add lit coals to the fire. Remember that unlit ones will sometimes release an acrid smoke.
  • Keep the water bowl refreshed by filling it up with cool, fresh liquid every few hours—you should always have at least two inches. The easiest way to replenish the liquid is from a pitcher. Before smoking food, you should always add cool water when starting out. This will help to keep the temperature of your smoker more consistent. Once you are cooking, add hot water so that it does not cool down the smoke chamber.
  • Liquid is the key to many great smoked foods, but if you don’t want your dish done in liquid then smoke it without. This will give off much higher temperatures than what’s necessary for crispiness or other types of meats that need less heat like pork loin and ducklings which can withstand up to 350F before they start getting crispy texture.
  • When cooking multiple proteins on stacking racks at one time, make sure you think about what will be dripping onto your other dishes. The fats from chicken or salmon can fit into a potato nicely but the fat of the salmon, for example, can cause an unpleasant flavor for your brisket.
  • When not in use, be sure to cover your smoker so that it does not get damaged by wind or sun. This will help maintain its appearance and extend its life.

How to use a water smoker:

Fill the firebox
Before you can smoke food, the firebox needs to be filled with lit coals. The metal ring will corral them and prevent anything from burning up.
Place the smoke chamber
The center section of the cooker – the smoke chamber – should now be resting on top of your firebox.
Install the water pan
Place the water pan.
Fill the water pan with water
Next, you should fill the water pan with at least 2 inches of clean and cool tap water.
Install the lower rack.
The lower rack of the smoker should be installed properly. Water smokers like this one allow you to cook on two levels, which is perfect for those who want their food cooked evenly and thoroughly.
Install the upper rack.
Place the upper rack.
Install the front door panel.
Install the front door panel with care.
Install the domed lid.
Install the domed lid.
lid fits snugly
Fit the lid so it is snug and the thermometer faces towards you.
Open the front door panel
Gently place the wood chips on top of your firing bed so they can smolder and add an interesting aroma to your smoker. Be careful not to stir up any ash.
Adjust the top and bottom vents
Keep an eye on your vent settings to make sure they are set correctly. Wide open vents are always better for maximizing airflow and dissipating the higher heat.

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